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"Woman of Worth "

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As women, we have many roles: wife, mother, daughter, sister, teacher, assistant, boss and so much more.  Did you know that these roles do not sum you up?  They don't make you into the woman that you are.  These roles assist you to who you are becoming.  When we become so attached to our roles, we begin to live for them rather than living from our own worth. 

 Have you relied on other people to tell you what you should do next?  Are you hanging on to something that you know you need to let go of?  Do you ever read the bible and feel like you just don't measure up?  Is your life on pause because you just can't get around to living it fully?  Are you craving more spiritual depth?  When was the last time you wrote down what you are good at?   

We are so much more than our role or any position we may have.  It's time to start re-evaluating who we truly are.  

I have a dream that every woman on the face of the planet realizes how much she is valued and loved by God. It’s the truth and it’s time for us to stop listening to the loud noises around us and turn our ears closely to His voice as He professes His love to us in Scripture. The “His Bae” program is a bible-based women’s study designed to encourage and empower women to embrace their lives in real-time through spiritual guidance, self-discovery and mindset motivation. It combines all of my years of personal Bible study, life experience, women’s group facilitation, and church history.  It is set up for you to do either from your home or through a conference.

My next online program starts October 5, 2022.  Register here for a slot to be a part of this amazing time together.

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