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Forty Day Spirit Speaks Bootcamp




40 days

About the Course

Did you know that we all have a light inside of us that is meant to shine?
When God created us, His glory shined on us individually in a beautiful, unique way that is just for us.
But over the years, that spark of light--our own inner glow--starts to diminish. I believe it is because we get spiritually dehydrated from all of the pouring out of ourselves and neglecting our own personal care.

We get so busy doing life that we forget to really live life. Have you let
other things get in the way of your own personal growth? Do you spend
most of your time helping other people and not taking care of yourself?
When was the last time you went to the spa or treated yourself to dinner?
If the answer to the above is “a long time ago” or “never,” it’s time to
change the game. What if you showed up for your own life as a player
who wins? Did you know you could actually do that? It starts with
taking the time to be intentional and choose for yourself what you want
to do with this beautiful life that God has blessed you with.

If you are ready for a spirit-led growth challenge in your life, the 40-Day
Spirit Speaks Boot Camp is for you. For 40 days we will get intentional
about getting in shape spiritually, mentally, and physically. We will
learn how to stand up to distractions, say "no" to lies, and persevere to stay
in the present. Through a unique process, we will focus on exercising
our mind and body as we discover and uncover more about ourselves,
what’s in front of us, and the possibility of what is ahead.

Your Coach

Chantel Deniese

Chantel Deniese

Chantel Deniese has led women's groups, taught small groups and one on one bible studies for over two decades. Her background includes over 30 years of professional experience between the corporate world and the entertainment industry. As a Certified Professional Coach, she has coached adults, youth sports groups and facilitated mom groups which has allowed her to build a growing community. She is extremely intuitive with seeing a need and believes in stepping in to create a solution. In 2013, she started creating her own youth programs which she was able to teach at organizations like the YMCA and a local church. She is a loyal, faithful and magnetic woman who is passionate about being a person who contributes to this world and believes that taking 40 days to work on your on spiritual growth is another opportunity for you to excel and thrive.

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