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Encourage My Soul!

What if we all stopped what we were doing at the same time and chose to INSPIRE someone else? The thought of it is mind-blowing. It’s powerful! Perhaps if we just said the simple words, “I will inspire,” choosing this to be a declaration for ourselves. How about if we made it a practice to say it daily for the next 30 days, creating a routine of habit? They say a habit takes about 3 to 4 weeks to become effective and lasting. If that is the case, why aren’t more people doing it? I don’t know, maybe they are just not interested. With all of the other important projects of the world, who has time for inspiration, right? Some like everything the way it is. Others want to change but are waiting for someone else to do it. And lastly, there is that group of people who are too busy and don’t have the time. However, when someone figures out the answer, somebody please tell me.

Last week, I decided to go live on my social media channels and announce the names of people who had inspired me. I did not have an elaborate plan, it was rather impromptu. Most of the names that I mentioned ranged from people I have known for years to others who were fairly new. Either way, each of them had inspired me in some way and I wanted to put it on a shout-out! What happened was rather remarkable. People came on that I did not know and listened to the entire time. I asked for those who were online to share about their own person of inspiration and the names started to come in. It wasn’t a large group of viewers, by the way, but it was just enough for me to witness the priceless purposed blessing that I was receiving. One person came on and shared that she met me at performance 2 years ago. She shared how I inspired her from that one interaction. I didn’t remember that performance but she did. As I was trying to encourage others, I ended up receiving so much love back. This leads me to a fact that I found for myself, “When inspiration goes out, it comes back like the wind blowing upon everyone around.” It was so uplifting. I believe everyone on that live chat came with something and walked away with something. That was a golden moment that I will treasure.

So in closing, I have an idea for you, or shall I say a practice: Take a pause and think of someone you could inspire right now. Go ahead, take that moment, write that name down on a piece of paper, and don’t stretch too far on this one. They could be right in your own home. Circle it and put it somewhere visible at all times and when you finish reading this blog, make your plan of action.

To inspire is to fill someone with the urge or ability to do or feel something. The origin is from Old French “inspirer,” from Latin “inspirare” meaning “to breathe or blow into.”

You may be thinking of some ideas but if you are fresh out, here are some suggestions; Pick up the phone and call--no texting. Write them a card and mail it. Take them to get their favorite dessert or go live online and tell the world about your person.

Y’all, INSPIRATION is free. It doesn’t cost you anything but you will gain riches from doing it.

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