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"Woman of Worth" 
Bible Study

A Course on How to be Spiritually Empowered.

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Presented by
Chantel Deniese,


Chantel Deniese has led women's groups, taught small groups and one on one bible studies for over two decades.  Additionally she has coached youth sports groups and facilitated mom groups which has allowed her to build a growing community.  She is extremely intuitive with seeing a need and believes in stepping in to create a solution.  In 2013, she started creating her own youth programs which she was able to teach at organizations like the YMCA and a local church.  As a Worth Advocate, she has been speaking and sharing her expertise to help elevate women toward personal and spiritual growth.  She is a loyal, faithful and magnetic woman who is passionate about being a person who contributes to this world and believes that the "Woman of Worth bible study series is another opportunity to encourage and empower someone like you.

In this course we will cover

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